The barefoot executive 1995

The Barefoot Executive TV Movie 1995 - IMDbНазвание книги: The barefoot executive 1995
Страниц: 208
Год: 2007
Жанр: Боевик

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О книге «The barefoot executive 1995»

Post successfully masks the chimp's abilities as his own and rises to vice president of UBC, now the top rated area network.

However, this also creates suspicion and resentment among UBC executives, mainly because they believe Post is too young to merit the title of vice president.

Their resentment reaches a breaking point at a television award ceremony where Steven Post receives the title of "Executive of the Year" and the emcee mistakenly identifies Post as the president of UBC. Wilbanks (Joe Flynn) attempt to discover his secret to success.

Jennifer becomes disenchanted with him when she finds out he sold her pet for money without her consent and breaks off their relationship.

She also does not believe her chimpanzee should be released into the wild.

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  • А теперь всех заморозили злые пришельца. Только один раз прочесть...

  • Очень понравилась книга, сюжет вроде бы и простой, а цепляет. Согласна с предыдущими комментариями - вторая часть немного затянута, но все равно книга очень классная!

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